TMC1: First Year Experience DLs

  • Vanessa (ness) Cancio

    Vanessa (ness) Cancio

    Major: Physiology and Neuroscience
    Hometown: Salinas, CA

    Welcome class of 2021! I am a Physiology and Neuroscience major and Psychology minor. I am from the Central Coast (Salinas) and a returning DL and Marshall College Resident Assistant. I have also been primarily involved with Asian and Pacific Islander Student Alliance (APSA) and Kaibigang Pilipin@ (KP).  My passion is social justice, specifically access work/retention of historically underrepresented students. Continuing Marshall College’s legacy of scholar and citizen includes the commitments I have to my own community and trying to make it a better place than when I left. 

    Campus involvement: KP Community Outreach to Realize Empowerment, Programming/Workshops Coordinator; APSA Community Retention in Solidarity and Empowerment, Intern; UCSD OASIS Summer, Bridge Contemporary Issues Facilitator, Histology Core Lab Assistant, Serences Research Assistant, Cheresh Lab Assistant; TMC Each One, Reach One Femtor; KP Femtor @ Morse High School

    Advice to students: Try to study abroad as soon as you can. I was blessed to be able to go on a Global Seminar with the fees covered through grants and scholarships—so it’s definitely possible!

  • Jimmy F Grizzle

    Jimmy F Grizzle

    Academic InterestsAs a fourth-year economics student, my interests tend to be pretty nerdy. I really enjoy talking politics with friends, as well as discussing things like international trade and labor economics policy. Within the field of economics, I’m most certainly interested in domestic economics, like labor economics, public finance, and macroeconomics. I'm also a minor candidate in the African American Studies department, and so I have a lot of interest in academic writing and critically examining race/gender/class issues in the United States. I’m always interested in learning about others’ communities and their backgrounds/culture, so if you ever want to exchange stories, let me know!

    Goals as an EducatorMy goal in this discussion section is to show you all the marvelous resources that this university offers, and to do so in a way that isn’t boring/monotonous. I want you to engage critically and think hard about how to make something out of your time at UC San Diego, and I want to create an environment where you feel welcome to bring questions and concerns to me. If you’re ever lost or unsure on how to do something, whether it’s as mundane as registering for classes or as intimidating as applying for study abroad, talk with me, and we’ll figure it out.

    Advice to FreshmenThe best piece of advice I can give you is this: don’t freak out. You’re in a new environment, you may not have a lot of friends yet, and you still get lost looking for your dining hall. And that’s all okay. Just focus on figuring out a school schedule that works for you and going out to student organization events, welcome week events, etc., and I promise you that everything will fall into place.

    Campus InvolvementPartnership Schools Program at The Preuss School, Chancellor’s Scholar Program participant

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  • Savannah Fang

    Savannah Fang

    Greetings new Marshallites/Marshians! Welcome to the family! My name is Savannah Fang. I am a 4th year Marshall College student, Biochemistry/Cell Biology major with a minor in Korean Studies! I love eating, sleeping, baking, volunteering, traveling, and talking to people (even though I'm an introvert). I decided to become a discussion leader because I want to continue to live out the "Scholar&Citizen" philosophy by using what I learned to better serve you as a resource/mentor. Ultimately, my goal as your discussion leader is to assist you in your transition to UC San Diego. I hope you can feel confident and be successful in your time here at UCSD! My wish is for all of you to grow as scholars and citizens! Come ask me what "Scholar&Citizen" means if you're wondering :) 

    Savannah's advice to new students:  The transition to college might seem overwhelming at first, but you got this. There are so many resources on campus that are available to you and even now I'm still learning more about them as a fourth year. Don't hesitate to ask around for things that you're passionate about and get involved. Don't hesitate to ask for help. Don't hesitate to start a friendship with the person sitting next to you in lecture. Don't end up with regrets because of hesitations. All in all, you got this. You got this far and now you'll reach even higher places.  

    Campus involvement (Current and Previous):  First Year Experience (FYE) Discussion Leader, Global Seminars in Korea, Thurgood Marshall College Orientation Leader, Thurgood Marshall College Dean's Intern, Each One Reach One (EORO) Mentor, Acts2Fellowship, Volunteered at Thornton Hospital and Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center, Instructional Assistant for Biology Department, Member of Active Community at Thurgood Marshall College (ACT), Research Intern at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), English-in-Action (EIA) Tutor, Academic Internship Program (AIP), Leadership Committee for Cultural Celebration (LC3), Marshallpalooza

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  • Izzy Narvaez

    Izzy Narvaez

    Major: Political Science and Critical Gender Studies Double Major
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

    Hi! I’m a third year Marshall student, Political Science and Critical Gender Studies double major hoping to change the world someday! After graduating, I hope to become a teacher and/or work for a non-profit helping disadvantaged young women. My hobbies include eating, sleeping, going to the gym, and talking about social justice. I decided to become a FYE Discussion Leader because I want to share what I have learned/experienced, and I hope that I can serve as a valuable resource/mentor for first year students!

    Izzy's advice to students: The first year transition can be tough, but don’t let that discourage you. You got into UCSD because you deserve to be here! If you need to drop a class (or another commitment), do it. You matter more than your GPA! Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Many students are going through the same struggle, and there are so many resources and people that can help you get through a tough spot!

    Campus involvement: Marshall Resident Assistant, Volunteer at Women’s Center, Cross Cultural Center, and Triton Food Pantry, Member of UNICEF, Each One Reach One Mentor, VOICES Participant

TMC2: Transfer Year Experience DLs

  • Jessica Boykin

    Jessica Boykin

    Major: Communication

    Minor: Ethnic Studies

    Hello! My name is Jessica Boykin. I am a first generation college student entering into my senior year at UCSD. I am currently working on my Communication degree with a minor in ethnic studies. As a Comm. major I spend most of my time reading, writing, and critically analyzing material in discussion. As boring as it may sound, I LOVE IT! This coincides with my ethnic’s minor and my interest in the creation of academia inequality and cultural formations. I plan on using my degree to become an affective change agent in the education system, in order to assist minorities who are underrepresented. I strongly believe in the power of knowledge and how it transcends beyond one generation when given the opportunity. With that said, I am extremely ecstatic to work with you all this upcoming Fall quarter! I am hopeful that our discussion classroom will become more then an ordinary class. Instead, I anticipate that each one of you will make lasting friendships in this communal space. As your discussion leader, I hope to assist you in your transition from a community college to UCSD. Being a transfer student myself, I know first-hand how fast a year files in the quarter system. As a result, the goal for me as your discussion leader is to present you with the tools, tips, insight, and resources that this university has to offer you.

    My advice to new transfer students:

    My advice for incoming transfer students is to ORGANIZE and use your time wisely. The transition from a semester system to quarter system can be fairly drastic and overwhelming. Thus, I would say organize assignment due dates and exams on a calendar as soon as you receive them. Trust me this will help ease your stress. Most importantly, don’t be so hard on yourself! Take every experience as a learning experience and enjoy your time at UCSD. This is a great opportunity for you to explore, take chances, and use all the skills you have gained throughout all your years of learning to achieve both your academic and personal goals.

    Campus Involvement: Marshall Mentor Program, TMC Discussion Leader 

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  • Anne Jones

    Anne Jones

    Hello! My name is Anne Jones and I am a 4th year biochem and cell bio major. I transferred from Diablo Valley College to UCSD in September 2016. When I’m not studying I can be found rock climbing, by the beach, or running to catch the shuttle.

    Anne’s Advice to new students: Get out and explore! There are so many incredible parts of UCSD, and even more programs to help new students. I would also recommend checking out the many gyms on campus. I love to exercise just to blow off some steam, but joining a class is a great way to meet new people!

    Campus Involvement: Thurgood Marshall Welcome Week Intern, TMC Discussion leader

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  • Anya Gumberg

    Anya Gumberg