TMC1: First Year Experience DLs

  • Vanessa Cancio

    Vanessa Cancio

    Major: Physiology and Neuroscience
    Hometown: Salinas, CA

    What's good incoming class of 2020! I am a Physiology and Neuroscience major and am pursuing a double major in Ethnic Studies and Psychology minor. I am from the Central Coast (Salinas) and I am involved with Asian and Pacific Islander Student Alliance (APSA) and Kaibigang Pilipin@ (KP).  My passion is social justice, specifically access work and the retention of students of color.

    Campus involvement: Marshall College Residential Assistant, KP Community Outreach to Realize Empowerment, Programming Intern, APSA Community Retention in Solidarity and Empowerment, Springtern, UCSD OASIS Summer, Bridge Contemporary Issues Facilitator, Moores Cancer Center-Histology Lab Assistant

  • Derrick Hwa

    Derrick Hwa

    Major: Human Development and Minors in Education Studies and Mathematics
    Hometown: Fremont, CA

    Hello everyone! My name is Derrick and I am 4th year student studying Human Development this upcoming Fall. Some of my favorite things to do are doing DIY arts and crafts, listening to pop music, drinking latte art, and exploring San Diego! I am also a very proud Marshall College student and Triton. I want to continue developing Marshall philosophy of the “Scholar and Citizen” wherever I go in the future and inspire others to do so as well. I also aspire to become an elementary school teacher in the future!

    Derrick's advice to new students: One piece of advice I want to give to all students is to explore all the different opportunities that UCSD provides! Sometimes it might be hard at first to step out of your comfort zone, but try taking small steps and get yourself out there to see what UCSD has to offer. Join organizations, get involved, explore the campus, and make new friends! Through your time here in UCSD, continue to find and do things you are passionate about.

    Campus involvement: Thurgood Marshall College Dean's Intern, Member of Thurgood Marshall College Student Council, Member of Active Community at Thurgood Marshall College, Member of Leadership Committee for Cultural Celebration, Triton Community Programming Leader, and Tutor/Mentor in Education Studies PAL Program

  • Matt Jennings

    Matt Jennings

    Major: Literature/Writing
    Hometown: San Diego, CA

    I am a young man with a commitment to serving others and playing my part in reconciling some of the broken pieces of this life we live in. I find that using the craft of writing to touch lives and inspire others to be incredibly life-giving, and I certainly believe in the power of words. I hope to use language to make a positive impact, and I'm excited to explore different mediums of communication.

    Matt's advice to students: This is a time of substantial personal growth and development. Don't be afraid to try new things and get involved. You never know who you will meet or what skills you will learn from saying yes to opportunities. This is the time to be challenged and to learn more about yourself and the world we live in.

    Campus involvement: Ecuador Global Seminar, Marshall College Resident Assistant, Alternative Breaks active citizen, InterVarsity small group leader, Air Force Reserve Officer Training Core cadet, Marshall College Student Council

  • Izzy Narvaez

    Izzy Narvaez

    Major: Political Science and Critical Gender Studies Double Major
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

    Hi! I’m a third year Marshall student, Political Science and Critical Gender Studies double major hoping to change the world someday! After graduating, I hope to become a teacher and/or work for a non-profit helping disadvantaged young women. My hobbies include eating, sleeping, going to the gym, and talking about social justice. I decided to become a FYE Discussion Leader because I want to share what I have learned/experienced, and I hope that I can serve as a valuable resource/mentor for first year students!

    Izzy's advice to students: The first year transition can be tough, but don’t let that discourage you. You got into UCSD because you deserve to be here! If you need to drop a class (or another commitment), do it. You matter more than your GPA! Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Many students are going through the same struggle, and there are so many resources and people that can help you get through a tough spot!

    Campus involvement: Marshall Resident Assistant, Volunteer at Women’s Center, Cross Cultural Center, and Triton Food Pantry, Member of UNICEF, Each One Reach One Mentor, VOICES Participant

  • Tara Vahdani

    Tara Vahdani

    Major: Political Science - Public Policy
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

    I’m a third year Political Science major with a minor in Education Studies. Some quick facts about me: I’m hoping to be a public school teacher. My hobbies include listening to audiobooks and putting together jigsaw puzzles. I’m looking forward to the Lakers winning the 2017 NBA championships! Overall, I love learning new things, whether in a seminar, or through everyday interactions. This love of learning is why I wanted to be a discussion leader in the first place. I’m excited to make meaningful connections with you all over the course of the quarter.

    Tara's advice to new students: Participate in the Dine-with-a-Prof program every quarter! The process of treating your professor to  a free lunch is super simple. All you have to do is pick up a voucher from the Marshall admin building once you’ve made arrangements with your professor, and then you’re good to go. The one-on-one interaction with a faculty member is super valuable, plus you get a free lunch out of it. If you choose to go to the Faculty Club, be sure to try the soups and check out the ice cream bar!

    Campus involvement: Revelle College Resident Assistant, Triton Food Pantry Volunteer, Women’s Center Social Justice Peer Educator, Associated Students/Marshall College Senator, Marshall Student Council/Student at Large Representative

TMC2: Transfer Year Experience DLs

  • Alondra Razo Garcia Rojas

    Alondra Razo Garcia Rojas

    Major: Political Science - Public Law
    Hometown: San Diego, CA

    I am a transfer student at Marshall, starting my second year.  My career is definitely leaning towards the legal field. Outside of UCSD, I have an internship with the Community Law Project. I was part of the TYE program during Fall 2015 and it helped me figure out UCSD and all it has to offer. The TYE class was a great support group. I had an amazing discussion leader who encouraged me to get involved. I hope to have the same impact on my students!

    Alonrda's advice to new students: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If your discussion leader can’t help you, they will do the best they can to point you in the right direction.  While it may seem intimidating, asking for help when you need it is the best thing you can do for yourself. It is okay to feel lost the first few weeks on campus. Everyone is helpful if you speak up!

    Campus involvement: Speech & Debate Club, PAD (Phi Alpha Delta), Partnership Schools Program (Preuss), Marshall Mentorship Program (MMP)

  • Selina Cantu

    Selina Cantu

    Major: Biochemistry and Cell Biology
    Hometown: Seeley, CA

    I am from a small town, so I love exploring San Diego and meeting new people on and off campus. My favorite things to do are try new foods from different cultures and go to the beach during sunset. After I graduate, I plan on joining the MS/BS Program at UCSD to complete a masters in biology.

    Selina's advice to new students: I recommend trying out anything that interests you as soon as possible. I was a little hesitant during my first year and thought whatever I chose to do would be permanent. Looking back now, I wish someone would have told me that it’s okay to try everything before finding a place to get involved. Even with that, it is never too late to find your place and you don’t have to do it all at once!

    Campus involvement: Senior College Ambassador, Thurgood Marshall College Orientation Leader