MUIR1: First Year Experience DLs

  • Lesly Figueroa

    Lesly Figueroa

    Major: Urban Studies & Planning and Public Health and Minor in Environmental Studies
    Hometown: Coachella, CA

    Hey! I'm Lesly and I am a third-year majoring in Urban Studies & Planning and Public Health with a minor in Environmental Studies. I am planning to pursue a graduate degree in Urban Planning so that I can focus on land use planning and environmental policy in the public sector. I love UCSD and Muir College, so if you want to know how to navigate this school – let me know! I love to watch movies and talk about sustainability. I am enthusiastic and I’ve been told that I am really friendly! Fun Fact: People always tell me that I am like Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation.

    Lesly’s advice to new students: Take risks and chances because you never know what is out there for you. If you fail, then try again because if you keep trying you will find something that fits you. Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something because you can. Always ask questions because the more you know the better. But most of all, do not be afraid of a challenge because life is a challenge and it is also really exciting! 

    Campus involvement: Associate Vice President of Environmental Justice Affairs at Associated Students, San Diego (ASUCSD), Muir College Council, Carbon Neutrality Initiative Student Engagement Fellow at UCSD Sustainability, Student Lead at Triton Food Pantry, and RA at The Village

  • Megan Luong

    Megan Luong

    Major: Marine Biology
    Hometown: San Francisco, CA

    Hello! I am a third year majoring in Marine Biology (with a possible minor in Education Studies), and I am very excited to work with the future Class of 2020! Some things that pretty much sum up my entire personality are: I’m a proud San Francisco native, I am incredibly enthusiastic about marine invertebrates (especially about the cuttlefish!), and I’m always happy to help others. I can’t wait to meet everyone and if you ever see me running around campus, don’t be afraid to stop me to say hi!

    Megan's advice to new students: Although academics are important, your health always comes first. Internalizing pain to focus on school, friends, or family does more harm than good in the long run. Doing small things every day that increase your quality of life just a little bit (e.g. watching Netflix, getting ice cream, talking to a friend about things that are troubling you, etc.) can do so much for your happiness and, most importantly for us Tritons, improve our performance academically.

    Campus involvement: Executive Co-Chair of Muir Volunteer Program (MVP)

  • Kimya Marefat

    Kimya Marefat

    Major: Human Biology
    Hometown: Glendale, CA

    My name is Kimya and I am a third year Sixth College student. I am a Human Biology major with a minor in Business and I serve on my College's student council as VP Finance and Senior Ambassador. I, too, took the FYE course and learned the basics about navigating UCSD during my first quarter. I came in undeclared and am now pushing my way towards dental school. I hope I can help y'all kickoff on the amazing experience you'll have during your time here.

    Kimya's advice to new students: UCSD is HUGE. But don't be intimidated by it! "Over 30,000 students" is just code for a place where there are thousands of opportunities to find your niche.

    Campus Involvement: VP Finance for Sixth College Student Council, Sixth College Senior Ambassador, FYE DL for Muir College

  • Christian Martinez

    Christian Martinez

    Major: Human Biology
    Hometown: Sacramento, CA

    My name is Christian and I am a fourth year Human Biology major with a minor in Theatre. I am currently planning to attend medical school next fall to pursue my goal of becoming a medical doctor.  Besides my interest in science, I love theatre, especially musical theatre, and I have been performing on stage for 7 years now.  Being able to pursue both of my interests brings a balance, which I feel is important to find during college.  That, and cookies. Definitely, cookies.

    Christian's advice to new students: For incoming freshmen, I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and find a balance, whether that be by joining a sports team or a theatre show or a dance group or even a sorority/fraternity.  Whatever brings you joy and motivates you to get out of bed. Follow that and you will be successful during your time at UCSD.

    Campus involvement: Member of the American Medical Student Association, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Health and Medical Professionals Preparation Program, Muir Musical

  • Andrea McDermott

    Andrea McDermott

    Major: Economics and minor in Accounting 
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 

    I am a junior undergraduate at John Muir College and I am excited to connect with first-year students through my role as a discussion leader during the fall quarter. My professional goals are to work at a consulting firm or a bank. This summer I will be interning in Downtown San Diego at Wells Fargo. I think internships are a great way to test out potential career paths and gain experience, so I am glad to be a resource for first year students.

    Andrea's advice to students: A piece of advice for first-year students is to be yourself and to get involved. Get involved gradually and don’t join everything all at once. It is important to start strong with your time-management and ease your way into college. Have fun and enjoy each day, no matter how much work needs to be done. Never forget to smile, laugh, and go to the beach!

    Campus involvement: First-year representative for Muir College Council, Member of the Cheer Team, Career Service Center for Alumni Programs, Volunteer and Community Engagement

MUIR 2: Transfer Year Experience DLs

  • Ricky Flahive

    Ricky Flahive

    Major: Political Science and Sociology (Double Major) Theater (Minor)
    Hometown: Chula Vista, CA

    Having just completed my second year at UCSD as a transfer student from San Diego City College, I will be a super senior as a double major this year. I personally try to throw awesome transfer events myself, and am a huge fan of karaoke. Feel free to approach me and tell me what kind of event you'd like to see from your student government. As a super tall lanky person, I sort stick out in a crowd, and aspire to have the single most recognizable mustache on campus.

    Ricky's advice to new students: I spent my entire first quarter in the "UCSD Bubble". I think it can be really easy to get stuck in the comfort of routine, even if you live on campus. Classes pick up quickly, and the stress of keeping up with studies, and the sheer scale of the university, can cause somebody to sort of stay in their little college community. I had to be proactive and intentional to even learn about this position, and getting involved with student organizations naturally progressed from there. The FYE course will help you stay informed with leadership roles and the like and you won't be alone if this whole self-discovery-UCSD-niche-thing is scary. Get involved!

    Campus involvement: President of the All Campus Transfer Association (ACTA), Peer Mentor for TRiO Student Support Services, Muir Senator on the Associated Students, Transfer Orientation Leader, Global Seminar in Argentina and McNair Research Scholar 

  • Amanda Dieterle

    Amanda Dieterle

    Major: International Business and Minor in Psychology
    Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA 

    I am entering my fourth (and final) year at UCSD and my involvement with Muir College has largely shaped my undergraduate experience for the better. I enjoy learning about different cultures and hope that my future career will involve working for a business where I can travel abroad. As an avid adventure-seeker, I love spending time outdoors. When I am not rolling in the sand or diving for volleyballs, you can find me hiking, dancing and going on food-ventures.

    Amanda’s advice to new students: Learn from everyone around you, inside and outside of the classroom. Your college experience is unique, and you are in control of shaping it however you’d like it to be. Find the opportunity in every challenge. And finally, the greater San Diego area is awesome—check it out!

    Campus Involvement: Captain of UCSD Women’s Club Volleyball Team, At Muir: House Advisor, Student Activities Intern, Freshman Orientation Leader, Senior Orientation Assistant, VP of Administrative Affairs for Muir College Council (MCC)