MUIR1: First Year Experience DLs

  • Prarthana Prashanth

    Prarthana Prashanth

    Major: Bioengineering: Biosystems

    Hometown: Dubai, UAE and Bangalore, India

    Hi there! My name is Prarthana Prashanth and I’m a fourth year Biosystems major with an interest in Cognitive Science at Muir College. In the future, I see myself being a part of the biomedical device industry. When I’m free, you’re likely to find me exploring new places, trying out new types of food, singing with my A Cappella team or catching up on my favorite shows on Netflix. Through the various organizations and on campus activities I’ve been a part of, along with my personal experiences in college, I’ve learned a lot about the need for striking a balance between schoolwork, career aspirations, health, hobbies and most importantly, happiness, and I’m super excited to be a Discussion Leader this Fall so I can share everything I’ve learned during my time here at UC San Diego with you. 

    Prarthana's Advice: Being an international student at UC San Diego, not only did I have to deal with the usual struggles of a high school graduate transitioning into college, but also with the struggles of transitioning into college in a new country. I learned over time that, while college can definitely be a scary place when you start out, it is actually a place buzzing with energy, excitement and novelty. It is the perfect platform to make new memories, form long lasting friendships and start the journey of self-discovery. My main advice to students would be to step out of your comfort zone as often as possible. Get involved in as many on campus opportunities as you can, take classes outside of your major coursework, talk to your professors and so on. And always keep in mind that your journey at college is one of a kind and it is yours alone, so make the most of it.

    Campus Involvements: President at International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, Peer Mentor for Triton Edge International Student Transition Program, Officer for Out of State Student Organization, Lab Volunteer at UCSD School of Medicine, Member of Sitaare South Asian A Cappella

  • Sima Navid

    Sima Navid

    Major: Political Science

    Hometown: Concord, CA

    Hello everyone! I'm a third year Political Science prospective Public Health double major interested in pursuing law. I was born in Montreal, Canada before I moved to Minnesota, Indiana, and now finally California in the East Bay. While at Muir and UCSD, I enjoy having tea, exploring the city, debating with friends, and watching documentaries. In addition to being a discussion leader for First Year Experience this year, I'll also be a House Advisor for Muir College (so if your looking for me, I'll probably be at Muir Woods cafe). I'm looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of my students this year. 

    Sima's Advice: Every student has incredible opportunities available to them and a vast network that can help them pursue their goals. Every interaction with a stranger, friend, mentor, professor, or colleague is a chance to make an impression. As a first year, I remember feeling insignificant in a sea of thousand of students. It took me some time to realize that every casual conversation I had gave me a leg up in reaching my goals by learning more from the many people willing to share their stories of success. So don't be afraid to reach out, most people genuinely want to see you succeed and want to help you reach your goals.

    Involvements (current and past): House Advisor for Muir, Administrative Director for The Triton, Muir senator for Associated Students and Muir College Council, Vice Chair of Muir Residential Council, Muir Orientation Leader 

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  • Sarah Van Horn

    Sarah Van Horn

    Hi, I'm Sarah and I am a 4th year Environmental Systems: Ecology, Behavior and Evolution major. I love studying and exploring the outdoors. I grew up spending many of my weekends kayaking and camping. I was also able to spend time in nature while in college by participating in a quarter of ecology field research through the UC Natural Reserve System. I am passionate about spreading my love of the environment to others, so I am looking forward to a career in informal education.  I am thankful for everything that UCSD has offered me so far, and I am excited to help you find your place here too!

    My advice to new students is to keep an open mind. You there are many new opportunities to explore here, so don't limit yourself to what you already know. Don't be afraid to join a new student organization or study in a new discipline!

    Campus involvement: College Ambassador, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Sierra club, Hillel, Birch Aquarium volunteer

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  • Andrea McDermott

    Andrea McDermott

    Major: Economics and minor in Accounting 
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 

    I am a junior undergraduate at John Muir College and I am excited to connect with first-year students through my role as a discussion leader during the fall quarter. My professional goals are to work at a consulting firm or a bank. This summer I will be interning in Downtown San Diego at Wells Fargo. I think internships are a great way to test out potential career paths and gain experience, so I am glad to be a resource for first year students.

    Andrea's advice to students: A piece of advice for first-year students is to be yourself and to get involved. Get involved gradually and don’t join everything all at once. It is important to start strong with your time-management and ease your way into college. Have fun and enjoy each day, no matter how much work needs to be done. Never forget to smile, laugh, and go to the beach!

    Campus involvement: First-year representative for Muir College Council, Member of the Cheer Team, Career Service Center for Alumni Programs, Volunteer and Community Engagement

  • Aishwarya Bhadada

    Aishwarya Bhadada

MUIR 2: Transfer Year Experience DLs

  • Karen Coronado

    Karen Coronado

    Major: Social Psychology

    Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

    Hi everyone! I am a fourth year Social Psychology student. I plan on graduating from UCSD this year and pursuing a PhD in Social Psychology, Forensic Psychology, or Criminology (Whatever Grad program will accept me!).  Aside from studying, I love finding things to do to get me outside like camping, slacklining, and going on long runs. I also love the arts and am constantly looking for music, movies, or show recommendations. I love writing poetry and trying any new creative outlets. I look forward to meeting everyone!

    My best piece of advice to first-year students would be to not think you need to have it all figured out your first quarter here. You should definitely get involved but dip your toes in a couple of things to test out the waters before you completely submerge yourself. Don't overdo it your first quarter here because transitioning into the UC system is its own mission. Make an effort to push yourself to meet as many people as you can because having a support group really helps with the transition. If you're living on-campus get some of your roommates to join you and walk down your hall and knock on your neighbors' door and introduce yourself. Don't be afraid to go to club meetings or events you're interested in because for the most part everyone likes making new friends but not everyone likes making that first step. You're here for school but don't forget that you should also be able to enjoy your time here. 

    Campus Involvement: Psychology Club, ACTA, Administrative Assitant at the Psychology Administrative Office

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  • Amy Hostetler

    Amy Hostetler

    I’m Amy (They/Them), DL for Muir Transfer Year Experience. I’m a fellow transfer student who spent five years bumbling through community college before transferring here last year. I’m a biological anthropology major with a minor in cognitive science. Despite only being here for what seems like a short time, I’ve learned a lot about the school and how to be competitive in a large university like this one, and I hope I can impart some of what I’ve learned onto you all so that hopefully everyone leaves with the right tools to succeed.

    Amy's Advice: Keep a planner or a calendar in any form! There are so many important dates that you should remember for your classes, let alone all of the events and clubs you may want to become involved in. Having your plan out in front of you will make the quarter feel a LOT less chaotic! That being said, don't feel bad if there's some extracurricular activity or meeting that you just don't feel like going to once or twice. As long as you make an effort, you should also give yourself time to just relax with a cup of tea and your favorite trashy TV show.

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