ERC1: First Year Experience DLs

  • Patricia Chin

    Patricia Chin

    Major: General Biology with a Minor in Literature/Writing
    Hometown: San Francisco, CA

    When I was in Lowell High School, I did Varsity Tennis, Mathletes, DIY Club, tutoring, and more. At UCSD, I have focused on competitive Latin and ballroom dancing and volunteering. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love reading. I enjoy going ice-skating with friends, trying new restaurants, playing games and trying different San Diego activities. In the future, I aim to be a physician and writer.

    Patricia's advice to new students: Make close friends. Many students experience at least a little bit of homesickness, and it is nothing to be ashamed about. In college, you will want someone to be there for you, whether you need simple companionship, a study buddy, or a supporter in a tough situation.

    Campus involvement: National Member of the honor society, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Member of the UCSD Dancesport team, CPR/BLS Certified, UCSD ERC Honors Program, Member of HMP3

  • April Tsuei

    April Tsuei


    Major: Communication

    Minor: Educational Studies 

    Hometown: Torrance, CA

    Hi there! My name is April Tsuei and I am a first generation immigrant. After being born in Taipei, Taiwan, I stayed there for ten years and moved to California in 2007! Ever since I was little, I aspired to become a teacher like my dad. The plan is to backpack Europe for a while after I graduate from UCSD before pursuing my Masters in education. I hope to work with students with mental disabilities in the future. I have a silly Golden Retriever named Percy and we love to go hiking, swimming and exploring! I also love going to concerts so let me know what you like to listen to. I cannot wait to meet each of you and I hope you’re ready to start an exciting chapter of your life! 

    April's advice to new students: Be open minded: to others, opportunities and yourself. You will learn from so many people and experiences so make sure you keep your mind wide open! When you do, you’ll find yourself making life a little bit more meaningful, beautiful and impactful.

    Take advantage of the four years you have here and do something new each day. Whether it be walking a new route back to your dorm or talking to somebody new from class, do it! The rewards are endless.

    Reach out for help— even when you’re struggling a tiny bit. It’s always better to seek out for help early on then to wait and have to deal with the consequences. I am here for you as a resource so ask me anything you’d like! 

    Campus Involvement: Senior Orientation Leader of Eleanor Roosevelt College, Camp Kesem, Triton Community Programming Leader, Chancellor’s Associates’ Scholars Program Peer Mentor, Undergraduate Communication Society, Welcome Week Ambassador, Transfer Orientation Leader

  • Mira Chun Han

    Mira Chun Han

    Major: Communication; Minor: Theatre

    Hometown: Taiyuan, Shanxi, China

    Hi! I am a third-year Communication major from ERC. My name is Chun Han, but I also go by Mira. In my leisure time, I love to watch movies, read novels, and travel. I was born in Asia, study in North America; but I also have gone to Africa, Europe, South America as well. I fell in love with photography when I was in eighth grade; so I love discovering beauty in my life.

    Mira's advice to new students: Be brave to try and never hesitate. You will gain but not lose when you try new things. 

    Campus Involvement: UCSD Theatre and Dance; UCEAP in CUHK; OAP in Ewha Womans University

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  • Punita Patel

    Punita Patel

    Hi all,

    My name is Punita Patel and I am a third year student majoring in Public Law with minors in Business and Accounting. I am a proud student and resident of ERC, an animal enthusiast, and a foodie. I'm originally from Simi Valley but I am proud to call San Diego my second home. I am really involved on campus but this year I will be focusing most of my attention on a few particular things-- namely the Office of Student Advocacy, JusticeCorps, being an RA, and, of course, being your Discussion Leader. I like to balance out work and play by spending time with my friends, trying out new foods, and petting as many dogs as possible! I am excited to be working as a First Year Experience discussion leader in my favorite of the six colleges and can't wait to share my experiences here at UCSD with all of you! 

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  • Emma Kohagura

    Emma Kohagura

    Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    Hometown: Folsom, CA

    Welcome!  I am a third year here at ERC.  Like many STEM majors, I am also pre-med.  Besides science and health, I am also interested in learning about other cultures, which is why I chose ERC.  I have traveled to three countries (Italy, Japan, and Mexico).  In Japan, I was part of a global seminar for MMW 15 with about 20-30 other ERC students.  I hope to study abroad or visit another country again sometime before I graduate.  As a previous student in ERC FYE, I hope to give back to the program by helping incoming ERC first years adjust and feel welcomed here at UCSD.

    Advice to New Students:  Please study abroad if you can!  College is a time of exploration and an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone.  Studying abroad not only helps you fulfill your college requirements faster it also helps you become more open minded.  When I went abroad, I didn’t know anyone in my group but by the end of the trip I formed a close knit of friends.  My time abroad has given me some of the greatest memories I’ve made during my time in college.  Global seminars are a great way to finish your MMW requirement, and it is honestly the best way to take MMW.

ERC2: Transfer Year Experience DLs

  • Joann Cai

    Joann Cai

    Hi there! My name is Joann and I am a fourth year double major in Communication and International Studies Business at ERC. I aspire to work in marketing after graduation and exercise my creativity through content development, strategy, and design. Aside from my professional aspirations, I am also involved on campus as the First Year Experience intern and a proud member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Some other quick fun facts about me -I love to travel, take photos, paint, try new foods, and make videos.

    My advice for new students: It’s okay to be scared and feel completely out of your comfort zone. It’s important to remember that you’re not the only one feeling this way. Don’t be afraid to join an org or go to an event by yourself because none of your other friends are interested in the same thing. Chances are that you’ll make a friend there! College can be an extremely overwhelming experience, but it will also be the best four years of your life! So, make sure to take risks, try new things, make tons of friends & memories, and try not to get sick of dining hall food so quickly.

  • Matt Majd

    Matt Majd

    Hi my name is Matthew Majd. I’m a fourth transfer year student from Arizona State. I’m in the Eleanor Roosevelt College and my major is Political Science with an emphasis on public law. If you have any questions regarding LSAT preparation or if you’re thinking about applying to law school, feel free to stop by and I can clarify any questions or concerns that you might have. I’m looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you, and most importantly welcome to UCSD!

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  • Rosa Namgoong

    Rosa Namgoong

    My name is Rosa Namgoong and I am so excited to be leading TYE this year. I hope to not only help you all transition to being a Triton, but also to get to know each of you personally. My involvement at UCSD extends to organizations such as Korean-American Campus Missions, jobs at the International Center, dancing on Ascension Hip-Hop Dance Team and more! I hope you are as excited as I am and have high hopes for this term.

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