SXTH1: First Year Experience DLs

  • Claudia Yan

    Claudia Yan

    I would first like to introduce myself and personally welcome you to your first quarter here at UCSD! My name is Claudia and I’m a third-year Human Biology Major with a minor in Political Science. I am originally from the 626 (bonus points if you know where that is!) or the LA area. I love my pupper to bits even though she’s not really a puppy anymore.

    Anyways, enough about me. My goal is to help you in whatever way possible and to learn as much about you along the way. I hope we have an amazing quarter getting to know one another as we all get accustomed to the crazy life that is college. Whether that may be a club, greek life or athletics, I hope you find your passion here at UCSD. I will be using this platform to get to know all of you, post my slides/resources and for anything else that I may find helpful in class! See you soon!

    Campus InvolvementMember of Phi Sigma Rho, Officer for Biological Sciences Student Association, Volunteer for VA of San Diego, Member of Global Medical Brigades

  • Annabella Narvarte

    Annabella Narvarte

    Major: Human Biology

    Hometown: Stockton, CA

    My name is Annabella Narvarte and I am a third year from Sixth College! I am a pre-med student who loves community service and involvement, as well as impacting the youth. I currently work for the Transportation Services and People Movement department, while volunteering at the Scripps Memorial Hospital. In my free time, I enjoy working out, watching movies, and exploring San Diego for anything it has to offer my foodie/adrenaline junkie side.

    In taking First Year Experience during my first quarter at UCSD, I’ve met some of my best friends who I practically still do everything with to this day. Starting college at such a big campus like UCSD can definitely be intimidating and it may be out of your comfort zone. As your discussion leader, my goal is to help make that experience less scary and for you to make any personal gain throughout this quarter, be it socially, academically, or professionally. I am here to help you do that in any way I can, so please do not hesitate!

    “The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart. And being thoughtful and being generous. Everything else is crap. I promise you.” – Ashton Kutcher

    Campus InvolvementStudent Success Coaching Program, Volunteer at Scripps Memorial Hospital, Student-Employee for the Parking and Transportation Services


  • Kelly Mayeda

    Kelly Mayeda

    My name is Kelly, and I am a fourth-year Sixth College student. I am double majoring in Cognitive Science: Human-Computer Interaction, and Psychology, and I plan to go into Academic Advising- which means I’ll be off to get my Masters after this year!

    I love Sixth and all of the exciting opportunities it creates! I’ve been involved as an Orientation Leader and am a member on Sixth College Community Board, and have various other campus involvements such as being a Resident Assistant for the Village, a Peer Advisor for ERC, and a Peer Educator for the Academic Integrity Office. I’d be happy to talk with you about these involvements and more, if you’re interested in getting involved!

    I also love practicing judo, aerial silks, and have a soft spot for all things ice-cream/fro-yo related.  If you ever want to talk about Black Mirror, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Criminal Minds, Superstore, Parks&Rec, The Office, etc. let me know because I have seen these shows multiple times through and I love them beyond words.

    One piece of advice I’d give all incoming students is to get involved and make connections early on. Explore what you have interest in, and try one thing that you are unsure about. You can narrow down your niches over the years, but don’t be afraid to have more than one interest area, and don’t be ashamed if they’re all over the board.

    Campus InvolvementRA in The Village, Psi Chi Honors Society, Academic Integrity Peer Educator + Communications Coordinator, NRHH, Sixth College CoBoard, Peer Advisor in ERC, iLead Program, Well-Being Award, Sixth College OL, Discovering the Law

  • Justin Gamiao

    Justin Gamiao

    Major: Interdisciplinary Computing & the Arts

    Hometown: Anaheim, CA

    Hey, I'm Justin! I'm a third year Interdisciplinary Computing & the Arts (ICAM) Major and Design Minor in Sixth College! I'm super excited to be a Discussion Leader for FYE this year. FYE is the reason why I found my place at UCSD, and I only hope to serve and help others do the same! I'm passionate about media and entertainment and hope to work in those industries one day through design and marketing! Outside of college and work, I'm big into gaming (ask me about Smash Bros. and Overwatch any day!), watching Netflix, attending concerts, and going to whatever trendy food place there is in San Diego.

    Justin's advice to new students: If you ask upperclassmen what they would tell their freshmen year selves, they would often say to always take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Because if you don't, you may end up with a lot of regrets down the line. Because truthfully, college will move much faster than you think. Make it an effort to maximize your time in college, be it getting to know professors, joining new clubs, or even trying new things in San Diego. There are many open doors in college. It's just up to you if you are open-minded enough to go through them.

    Campus Involvements: Digital Media Coordinator for Sixth College Student Council, Graphic Designer for Triton Smash 4, member of UCSD Circle K International, Student Affairs Intern for Sixth College.

    Teaching website

  • Linhui Fu

    Linhui Fu

    Hi everyone! My name is Linhui Fu. I also go by Lynn. I’m an international student from China. I’m currently a senior studying at University of California, San Diego with a major in joint mathematics and economics and a minor in Visual Arts. I’m involved in the iLEAD Program, Global Ambassador Program and First Year Experience Program. I’m planning to get a Master degree after graduation.

    During my spare time, I love reading and traveling. I adore vintage clothes, vintage music, vintage house – everything vintage. For those of you who study math, economics, and arts, feel free to ask me any regarding questions

    Campus Involvement Mentor in the Global Ambassador Program, Participant in the iLead Program, Intern at Deloitte Consulting LLP.

SXTH2: Transfer Year Experience DLs

  • Emily Tait

    Emily Tait

    Major: Management Science

    Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

    Hi! I am a third year Management Science major with a business minor. While not completely sure about what I want to do professionally, I am leaning towards human resources or operations. Outside of school, my hobbies include reading, exploring new music, and spending time outdoors camping with my family. I am so excited to be a discussion leader this year, and I hope to help students add their own unique traits to the amazing UCSD community.   I can’t wait to meet everyone!

    Advice to Freshman: I took First Year Experience and found it to be not only fun, but also really helpful; the class helped me realize how many great resources there are on campus that I would not have otherwise known about. My advice is to take advantage of all the diverse opportunities such as extra-curricular organizations, academic support, community centers, etc. that our school has to offer. Also remember that it is totally ok to have no idea what you want to do! I changed my major to a completely different field of study after my first quarter, and it is not uncommon for students to change their major several times!

    Campus Involvement: First Year Council, Women in Business Director of Operations

    Teaching website

  • Sajjad Naseri

    Sajjad Naseri

    Hi everyone! My name is Sajjad Naseri and I am one of the Sixth College Transfer year Experience Discussion Leader for this quarter. My major is English literature with the emphasis on creative writing. I am proud to be senior at UCSD and I have been interested in Teaching since high school. Besides, being a full-time student, I am also a mentor for Sixth college literature department, where I help all the new students to navigate their way around. I love what I am doing and I look forward to meeting you all.

    Campus Involvements: Cross Cultural Center active participant, Summer Path 2017, BLUM summer filed Internship, and Summer Path 2018 Mentorship Program

  • Mindy Nguyen

    Mindy Nguyen

    My name is Mindy Nguyen and I’m currently a third-year transfer (5th year / Senior) student here at UCSD. I’m majoring in Applied Mathematics & minoring in Math Education. After this year, I’m pursuing a Masters in Education & I want to teach Mathematics to grades 6-12 in the future!

    My hobbies include online & offline sports – PC gaming, volleyball, weightlifting, bowling, & dog-watching. I browse a lot of memes and eat a lot of applesauce.

    On campus, I’m currently an Education Studies Ambassador, President of Triton Overwatch at UCSD, & HR Director of Triton Gaming. I’ll probably be ushering you all to come to our events, so plz come thru.

    I just recently finished a study abroad program in Budapest, Hungary. It’s called the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education (BSME). If you’re interested in this program or studying abroad in general, lets talk about it!

    My extracurricular activities include volunteer and mentoring work at various schools in the San Diego Unified School District. My current schools are The Preuss School at UCSD & O’Farrell Charter School.

    TLDR; I highly enjoy video games & education, so talk to me if either of those are your passions. Don’t be afraid to ask me about anything else though, I’m here to give you life hacks to help you get used to UCSD!

    Campus InvolvementTriton Overwatch President, HR Director for Triton Gaming, Volunteer Tutor and Mentor at Preuss School UCSD, Mentor at O’Farrel Community, Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education Student, Education Studies Ambassador