FYE Benefits

Benefits of Enrolling in a FYE Course

Who should enroll in a First Year Experience course?

Any student who wishes to: better understand the academic and curricular expectations of this research university, enhance their study and time management skills, receive assistance with engaging in and mapping out their co-curricular experience, strengthen their organizational, interpersonal, and wellness skills, interact confidently with faculty, and learn about the important role diversity and social justice plays in this increasingly interwoven world.

Our programs aims to help students achieve the following:

  • More effective research and study skills
  • Stronger time management skills
  • Increased awareness of how personal well-being impacts academic performance
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Increased confidence interacting with faculty
  • Awareness of internships, research opportunities, study abroad programs
  • More effective major selection with a heightened commitment to the chosen major
  • Exposure to topics that address diversity and social justice

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