Become a Graduate TA

Our team of 6 graduate TAs work closely with the College's undergraduate discussion leaders. However, unlike the traditional teaching assisant role, graduate TAs in our program do not lead sections and only work with our discussion leaders and faculty. 

Role of Graduate Teaching Assistants  

FYE Graduate TA’s primary role is to supervise, mentor and oversee the work of the College’s team of FYE and TYE Discussion Leaders (DLs). TAs meet weekly with DLs, provide guidance on lesson planning and pedagogy and ensure alignment between lecture content and section.

TAs are required to hold regular office hours and attend both the course lectures, as well as the planning meetings during the Fall term. A 50% appointment involves leading two 195 section meetings for the College’s DLs each week. 

Graduate TA responsibilities include: 

  • Attend both freshman and transfer FYE lectures each week during Fall term
  • Lead weekly 195 section meetings for (one per FYE course)
  • Serve as supervisor and mentor to the College’s DLs
  • Review lesson plans, readings and assignments and oversee DLs work
  • Audit at least 2 discussion sections per DL, per quarter and offer feedback
  • Serve as a liaison between FYE and TYE instructors and their DLs
  • Meet with instructors as needed and assist with course setup/issues (i.e., upload readings/assignments to TED)
  • Hold weekly office hours, one hour per week

Meet our graduate TAs (Fall 2016)

  • Haleema Welji

    Haleema Welji

    Revelle College | REV 1 & REV 2

    Haleema Welji is a PhD Candidate in the Anthropology Program, specializing in Linguistic Anthropology. Haleema's research focuses on the socialization of young children in the Middle East, looking at language, religion, ethics, and community. She previously has been a TA with the Making of the Modern World Program as well as courses in anthropology and religion and is excited for the opportunity to work with FYE this fall!

  • Sonia Crasnow

    Sonia Crasnow

    John Muir College | MUIR 1 & MUIR 2

    Sonia is a PhD candidate at UC - Riverside in the Religious Studies department. Sonia's research focuses on issues at the intersection of sexuality, gender, and religion. Sonia has also earned a Master's in Education Studies in 2008 from UCSD. Sonia has been working at UCSD as a Teaching Assistant since 2014, and is grateful for the opportunity to make meaningful connections with students and to develop as a teacher. Sonia enjoys thinking and talking about pedagogy and learning and is excited to be working with undergraduate teachers in a mentorship role.

  • Zachary Hayes

    Zachary Hayes

    Thurgood Marshall College | TMC 1 & TMC 2

    Zachary Hayes is a PhD student in the Literature department at UCSD. He also earned an M.A. in Hispanic Studies in 2013. He has been a T.A. with Sixth College's CAT writing program since Fall 2014. He loves teaching and discussing pedagogy, and is excited to work with everyone at the FYE/TYE in the Fall.

  • Ryan Lepic

    Ryan Lepic

    Warren College | WARR 1 & WARR 2

    Ryan Lepic is a graduate of the PhD program in Linguistics at UC San Diego. He has been helping undergraduates navigate "the research university" for over a decade, first as a writing tutor and resident assistant at Arizona State University, and then as a graduate student teaching assistant for several classes at UC San Diego. Ask him about his time as a student in the surfing class!

  • Allen Bolar

    Eleanor Roosevelt College | ERC 1 & ERC 2

    Coming soon

  • Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi

    Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi

    Sixth College | SXTH 1 & SXTH 2

    Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi earned a MA from UC Davis where his poetics thesis was titled THE JOY OF HUMAN SACRIFICE and a MFA from UC San Diego where his collection of counter-internment narratives was titled EVERYDAY COLONIALISM. He also holds degrees from UC Berkeley and Santa Clara University. If you would like to talk with him about FYE or TYE matters at Sixth College, feel free to grab him directly after lecture. He can also make in-person appointments on Wednesdays and Fridays. This fall he will also be a CAT 1 lecturer for a course on the poetry of love and subversion.