Our College Interns

  • Chuqi (Elaine) Liu

    Chuqi (Elaine) Liu

    Chuqi (Elaine) Liu is this year's Out-Of-State and International Student Outreach Intern for Sixth College. She is a junior student, majoring in Probability & Statistics and minoring in Accounting. She is an international student from Foshan, China. She loves outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and running. She also loves music and playing the piano. She has experience as the head of the Social Media Department of the Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA) and she looks forward to continuing to connect international students to campus. If you are interested, she is more than willing to share with you about Chinese culture and her hobbies. She looks forward to meeting you!

  • Lijin (Judy) Chen

    Lijin (Judy) Chen

    Lijin (Judy) Chen is this year's Out-Of-State and International Student Outreach Intern for Thurgood Marshall College. She is a second year majoring in Philosophy and Math-Computer Science. She was born and grew up in Chengdu, China - the Panda City which is famous for its spicy food. She spent two years in Wilmington, Delaware for high school and traveled around the U.S. during vacations. She’s a big fan of spicy food, origami, rock climbing, and French. Also, Lijin is currently the STUD of diversity in Thurgood Marshall College Student Council and she volunteers at Academic Integrity Office and Center for Student Involvement as a Peer Educator.

  • Edward Chen

    Edward Chen

    Edward Chen is this year’s Out-Of-State and International Student Outreach Intern for Revelle College. He is a second year general biology major from Revelle College. He was born in Taipei, Taiwan and moved to Vancouver, Canada when he was 7 years old. In my first year in UC San Diego, he was involved in Muir Musical and Revelle College Council as the Environmental Justice Advocate. In my spare time, he likes to play golf, sing, and play guitar, and he also loves to travel. This year he is looking to bridge the international and local culture, by allowing the internationals to "live like a local" and also allowing locals to experience different cultures. He will work closely with Revelle's international representative and its staff to plan events to cater to these needs.
  • Amanda Madany

    Amanda Madany

    Amanda Madany is this year's Out-Of-State and International Student Outreach Intern for John Muir College. She is a third year double majoring in Political Science: International Relations and Chinese Studies. She grew up in Fremont, California then moved to Shanghai, China when she was in the fourth grade. After the seventh grade she moved to Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Throughout her time at UC San Diego, she has volunteered at Moores Cancer Center, gone hiking throughout California, had an incredible study abroad experience in Shanghai and works as an English In Action tutor for international students. She is excited for this upcoming year to make new friends and help students transition to UC San Diego. As someone who has lived across the world and on opposite coasts, she understands the excitement and new opportunities that come with acclimatizing to a new place and cannot wait to make UC San Diego everyone's new home!
  • Sheng-Hwa (Alan) Tung

    Sheng-Hwa (Alan) Tung

    Sheng-Hwa (Alan) Tung is this year's Out-of-State and International Student Outreach Intern for Warren College. He is currently a second-year molecular biology major and business minor from Taiwan. He loves the weather, the beaches and the people here in La Jolla. Outside of class, he is involved in the Biological Sciences Student Association and biology research at the Salk Institute. He has a broad range of interest including traveling, reading, singing, playing tennis and following all kinds of sports. His favorite teams are the New York Yankees, Real Madrid and the Golden State Warriors. Having the experience of transitioning into UC San Diego, he is very eager to help his fellow students make smooth transitions into the UC San Diego community. He is looking forward to meeting all of you!
  • Lauren Liao

    Lauren Liao

    Lauren Liao is this year's Out-of-State and International Student Outreach Intern for Eleanor Roosevelt College (ERC).

    She currently a third year majoring in Probability and Statistics with a minor in Cognitive Science. Coming from Taipei, Taiwan and partially in Northern California, she came to UC San Diego to learn and hopes to become a better global citizen. She loves learning about diverse cultures, trying new foods and experiences, and meeting people from around the world. While in UC San Diego, she loves being a part of Global Ambassador Program (GAP) as a mentor and mentee, speaking as a Triton Day panelist, and organizing events through Programming at ERC and Welcome Week committee. She hopes to create a safe, inclusive community for students through various cultural, wellness, and educational programs. Lauren looks forward to helping students make San Diego their home.

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