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TMC1: First Year Experience DLs

  • Hanna Lam

    Hanna Lam

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Hanna Lam majoring in Clinical Psychology and possibly minoring in Communication and Theatre from Thurgood Marshall College. I am from La Puente, California and I am super excited to be your discussion leader!

    UC San Diego has so much to offer and will prove the myth of being socially dead wrong. Other than FYE, I am involved in AS Concerts and Events, Historian for Circle K International, Dean’s Intern, Undies for Oldies, and Thurgood Marshall College Orientation Leader for the 2019-2020 school year. If I am not attending events for my orgs, you will probably catch me trying to play the ukulele, taking a photo, painting, attending concerts/movie or taking a nap at the Zone. 

    Having taking FYE my first year, it allows me to understand and gain more knowledge about the campus resources to take advantage of. Also, it was such a nice experience getting to know more of the people in the class that later became friends and learning how to write an email for Coffee with the Prof from my discussion leader. Feel free to talk to me about anything from resources that campus offers to how to event plan or just want to talk about random things, I am always here for you!

  • Shamim Khosrowjerdi

    Shamim Khosrowjerdi

    Hello! My name is Shamim, and I am a fourth-year pre-med student at Marshall college, majoring in physiology and neuroscience.

    I know that being a freshman at a big university like UCSD can be overwhelming. I took FYE as a freshman, and it helped me a lot in that it introduced me to a large number of great resources and connections on campus that have greatly shaped my UCSD experience in the past 3 years! I am excited to share my experience with you in order to help you with navigating your first year and making the most out of your UCSD experience!

    Besides an FYE discussion leader, I am a content tutor at Teaching and Learning Commons in Geisel library. I have also volunteered as a tutor at UCSD Preuss school, and I am currently volunteering as a tutor with Reality Changers and World Family Children foundation (As you can tell, teaching is one of my biggest passions!). Also, I am an undergraduate research assistant at UCSD school of medicine. I have also been a member of Cultural Celebration and Marshall palooza planning committees in the past two years.

    Aside from academics and other great resources, our campus has a lot of good coffee places! My favorite coffee place on campus is Muir Woods Coffee House (M.O.M) in Muir college! I really enjoy studying there while drinking my caramel latte and meeting new people!

    Lastly, I am here support you! Feel free to reach out to me if you need help or have questions about getting involved on campus! :)

  • Elanor Sievers

    Elanor Sievers

    Hello! My name is Elanor, and I am a third-year Biochemistry/Chemistry student at Marshall College. For the past year I have been working as an intern in the Debelouchina Lab, where I am learning the skills I need to succeed as a chemist. In my free time I draw to get my stress out. I dabble in video games and creative writing. I also love food dearly and go out to eat far too often, which is why I took a financial management class! My idea of a perfect afternoon is being curled up in a chair with my cat and reading a book while it is pouring rain outside. 

    When I first started at UCSD, the FYE program helped me adjust from high school to college and gave me the confidence and support system I needed to embrace the resources and opportunities on campus. For example, FYE encouraged me to seek out the Teaching and Learning Commons, and the tutors there greatly helped me shift my writing to college level rapidly. I plan to return the favor and help y’all gain the tools you need to achieve your goals for college and beyond! FYE also let me make friends and establish connections on campus within the context of a smaller, welcoming group, which is less intimidating than trying to greet someone new in a giant lecture hall. 

    I am super excited to be your discussion leader, and my goal is for you to end your first fall quarter here knowledgeable of the campus’s resources and organizations. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself: this is a time for personal growth!

  • Julia Luong

    Julia Luong

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Julia. I am very excited to be working with you all as an FYE leader as I have a lot to tell you about all I learned about UCSD in my time here. As someone who aspires to be an educator in the future, I look forward to working my hardest to make sure you all learn valuable information that will help you transition into UCSD and make the most of your time here.

    Some info on myself: I am a fourth-year student at Marshall College and am majoring in mathematics and minoring in mathematics education. I come from the town of San Gabriel, about two hours up north from San Diego. As of lately, I enjoy playing video games and chatting with friends online. A fun fact about myself: I have had three different majors throughout my college career (though I have confidently settled on this one), so I would be more than glad to help you all with anything major- or career-related. 

    On and around campus, I am involved with the education studies department, Triton Gaming, and the Women’s Center.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to me through email, Facebook, or office hours if you have any questions or just want to chat.

  • Nayeli Rincon

    Nayeli Rincon

    Hello everyone! My name is Nayeli (pronouns are she/her/hers). I'm a fourth year Marshall student majoring in social psychology and minoring in gender studies. I'm also a first-generation Latinx P'urépecha student. I've recently relocated back to my hometown of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 

    Pre-covid, I spent most of my time on campus working at the UCSD Bookstore (great place on campus to work at btw) and assisting in research at the Rady School of Management. I'm super excited to finally have the chance to give back to my Marshall community and help teach FYE. As an FYE discussion leader, I hope to help equip students with the tools they need to succeed at UCSD, especially during these times, and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities and resources our campus has to offer. I'm here to support y'all in any way that I can so feel free to reach out!

    In my free-time, some of my favorite quarantine-friendly activities include learning words from my family's indigenous Mexican language and rewatching Avatar The Last Airbender for the 5802580248 time :)

TMC2: Transfer Year Experience DLs

  • Katharina Shultz

    Katharina Shultz

    Good afternoon! My name is Katharina, and I am a third year Real Estate and Development major and a Business minor and I am a student in Marshall College. I am passionate in architecture and building design and considering pursuing a Masters in Architecture post-graduation. I transfered to UCSD fall 2019 from Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. Since November I have been interning through Shea Homes with UCSD as a research assistant to analyze Water Board 401 Certifications to try and reduce the amount of time it takes to get permits approved within the San Diego region to help combat the housing crisis and this has been a great experience! I was nervous about getting involved, especially being a transfer student. I was concerned that other students having been at UCSD longer or taken more classes would get the first pick. Thankfully, I was able to make connections with professors in the fall and I received recommendations to be a part of this research position! I enjoy sketching, taking photos, and using online software to render buildings and city scape designs in my freetime. I also enjoy being outdoors and going on hikes!

    When I decided to transfer to UCSD I knew that I wanted to take the Transfer Year Experience to help my transition into college, and this also inspired me to apply and want to be a discussion leader. I got really connected to my leader and I felt like I really wanted to be the and help new students transition into college whether it be FYE or TYE. There were so many resources I had no idea existed, and my leader and TYE helped bring these to my attention and one of the main resources I used was the writing hub; I struggled with writing at times and the students working there helped me improve my writing and excel in some of my challenging writing courses. I also enjoyed TYE because I felt every Friday morning I had a space where I could share my weekly struggles and successes and could be my true self. We also shared a lot of our personal lives and it can be hard to open up, but since our discussion consisted of a small group of people we were able to develop a friendship and bond I will not forget.

    I am excited to support and mentor you this fall as your discussion leader and a primary focus I have for our group is to build a sense of community and openness, as well as inform you of on campus resources and ways in which I believe I can help you succeed for your time at UCSD and in your career! I want to help you become involved and am hoping to help you build connections with your professors and peers and challenge yourself to new experiences and creating life long memories.

  • Nadia Sharaf

    Nadia Sharaf

    Hi! My name is Nadia Sharaf, and I am so excited to be your TYE Discussion Leader for Fall 2020! Just a little about me, I am a fourth year Business Psychology Major in Marshall College. I transferred last year from Palomar College, and I originally came in as a Psychology B.S. major. I decided to change my major winter quarter just to open doors for other future career fields. 

    As a transfer student, I took TYE is Winter 2020 to help me become more familiar with the campus and the opportunities offered at UC San Diego, and it was super helpful. I am so excited to be a part of the TYE program again this year, and I hope I can make your time in this class super fun and super informative! Furthermore, as a transfer student, I understand all the anxieties and uncertainties you all may have about this school. It was somewhat challenging for me to get involved on campus and to make friends. However, through the resources shared by my Discussion Leader, I was able to find my niche on campus! 

    Beyond being a Discussion Leader, I love to spend time with my family, experiment with makeup and clothing, bake desserts and try new recipes, and, of course, watch reality television! Some of my favorite guilty pleasure shows include the Real Housewives, 90 Day Fiance, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. 

     What I hope you all get out of your time in TYE is a sense of comfort and familiarity with this campus. I completely understand how overwhelming UC San Diego can be, especially when you are so used to the smaller and less intimidating community college setting. However, I want to urge you all to not doubt your abilities. You are all talented and capable students who have so much potential to succeed, and I want to help you find the resources to do so! In addition, I want you all to find your niche and a sense of community on this campus. I found my cohort by joining student organizations personally, and I was able to make some great friends! Overall, I want this to be a fulfilling and educational experience for you all, and a chance to take a break from all those rigorous courses. I am here to be a source of guidance, but I am also your peer, so feel free to reach out to me any time!

  • Alicia Ameera Vasquez

  • Mariana Topich

    Mariana Topich

    Hello! My name is Mariana Topich, and I’m a fourth year transfer student studying Communication, Business, and Accounting at Thurgood Marshall College. I am currently involved in a number of clubs within UCSD, including Adwave, the competitive marketing team in Rady School of Management, where I serve as the Experiential Director.

    I am also an active member in the business club, Phi Beta Lambda, and I used to serve as the Social Media Chair for Speech and Debate. Additionally, I have an on-campus job entitled Triton Health Advisor, where I monitor Revelle College, and hand out PPE to anyone who needs it. In my free time I like to bake, and run a food blog through Her Campus @ UCSD. I also enjoy going to the beach and decompressing from stress.

    I also enjoy playing with my dog, Oliver, who is a white Pomeranian that I bought for my mom for her birthday last year! I’m excited to be a Transfer Year Experience Discussion Leader and help my students navigate UCSD by setting the foundation for them to be successful both at this school and beyond!