SXTH1: First Year Experience DLs

  • Selen Iskenderoglu

    Selen Iskenderoglu


    My name is Selen Iskenderoglu, and I am a fourth-year Psychology major and Business minor. I am also a Sixth College student! I was born and raised in Turkey and moved to the US for college. So, if anyone here is an international student we have lots of things in common. I am a member of Turkish Student Association here at UCSD. Also, I am in Psychology Honors Program and currently working as a research assistant in Emotion Lab in Rady School of Management.

    I also took this class when I was a freshman, and it helped me to have a smooth transition from the high school environment to college. I had similar problems as you might have right now. So, I decided to be a discussion leader for this class to help you guys and share my experience. I am not going to be your teacher, but please see me as your peer mentor and use me as a resource. I am open to any questions that you guys might have, and I am happy to talk with all of you!

    I love this campus and it has many different and helpful resources for students, and I hope to help make this campus a home away from home for all my students. Looking forward to meeting soon!

    Campus Involvement: Psychology Major, Business Minor, Research Assistant at Psychology Lab, Member of Turkish Association Group
  • Brasilia Perez

    Brasilia Perez

    Hello and welcome to FYE!

    My name is Brasilia Perez (she/her/hers) and I am a 4th year Sixth College student (but I'm graduating in 5). I am an Environmental Systems EBE (Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution) major and I'm pretty much all over the place when it comes to things that I do on this campus. I'm heavily involved in Sixth College, but I've also done a lot in other parts of campus.

    My main passion in life is the Earth, so the two things I get most excited about are TRAVELING and the environment. One of the best experiences I've had in college is studying abroad. During Fall Quarter of my second year (2017), I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for about four months and I loved every second of it. If you have any interest at all, I highly recommend that you study abroad because it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Additionally, I being outdoors and I especially enjoy being in the ocean.. in the Caribbean (if possible). 

    I am so excited to meet you and share my experiences with you and get to know you this year! My hope is that I can serve as a resource to you as you transition into this new stage in your life. Each consecutive year of university has been the most transformative year of my life so far, so I can't wait to see the growth that will happen in each one of you in even just your first few months at UCSD. 

    Campus Involvement: Sixth College FYE DL (2019), Revelle College FYE DL (2018), Sixth College RA (2018-20), Sixth College Peer Advisor (2019-20), Aburto Lab SIO (2019-20), Sixth College Res Life Front Desk Intern (2019), Academic Connections Senior RA (2019), OASIS TRIO Peer Mentor (2018-19), Sixth College Community Board (2017-18), Sixth College Market (2017-18), UCSD BFLJDM (Ballet Folklorico) (2016-17)

  • Megan Lan Wang

    Megan Lan Wang

    Hello~ My name is Megan, and I can’t wait to meet you! I am currently a 2nd year Psych major, though I’m hoping to get into a Pharmacy program after UCSD. I’m from the Bay Area, specifically San Jose, and graduated from a small high school. Perhaps this is why I felt overwhelmed and alone during my first quarter, which is what motivated me to join FYE/TYE. If you are ever interested in any of the other organizations I am involved with or want to chat, I would love to talk with you about anything. Let me know how I can help; my goal is to make every experience into a learning opportunity or fond memory, and this includes our time together in FYE/TYE. I hope you have an amazing day and many wonderful encounters!

    Campus Involvement: UGIA for Psych Department, UCSD Health volunteer, AIRB undergraduate representative, OSD note taker, EIA conversation leader, Sixth College VPC, Sixth College Ambassador, Student Advocates for Resource Awareness

  • Geraldine Goyenaga

    Geraldine Goyenaga

    Hi everyone! My name is Geraldine Goyenaga, I am a third-year general biology major and in Sixth college. Some of my favorite things include COFFEE, pizza, and shopping! During my free time, I love watching my favorite TV shows. As much of a couch potato that I am, I also enjoy going out to concerts, the movies, exploring new places to eat, hiking scenic trails, and going out to the beach. Over the past couple of years, I have gotten involved with some great organizations on campus such as BSSA and Camp Kesem. I took FYE my first quarter at UCSD and remember discussion helping me feel a lot more comfortable at such a large university which is why I hope those taking the FYE or TYE course also have an easier time transitioning to UCSD, feel more familiar with the campus, and even meet a friend or two!
  • Sophia Mokhtarian

    Sophia Mokhtarian

    HELLO and WELCOME to Sixth College! My name is Sophia and I am a fourth-year Human Biology Major with a minor in Chemistry. I am on the pre-med track and plan on becoming a Pediatrician. I love basketball (go Lakers!), painting, and people. I am from Temecula, CA but these past few years I have found a home in Sixth College! I love Sixth College and the community we have created here, which is why I’m involved in every avenue. I also have a younger brother who is a second year in Sixth College!

    My advice to new students: Get involved and put yourself out there! Try everything once is what I always say. College is a great time to experience new things and meet new people and it only happens once. Take advantage of it all and go out to events! Have an open mind and while academics are important remember you are human and need to have some fun here and there.

    Current Involvement: Sixth College FYE DL (2019), Sixth College Resident Assistant (2018-2020), Senior Sixth College Resident Assistant (2019), Sixth College Ambassador (2017-2020), Vice President External of MedICamp (2019-2020), National Member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, Teal Team Sixth (2018-2020), CoBoard (2017, 2019-2020)

    Past Involvement: Spirit Director and Co-Interim Festivals Director of Sixth of Sixth College Student Council, Sixth Front Desk Intern (2019),  NICU Concierge at Jacobs Medical Center (2018-2019), Former Call Pool Volunteer at Jacobs Medical Center (2018-2019), Fundraising Internal of MedICamp (2018-2019), EdCorps Tutor at Marie Curie Elementary (2017-2018), Instructional Assistant for BICD 100: Genetics and BIBC 102: Metabolic Biochemistry (2018-2019), Senior RA for Academic Connections (2019), Young Life Leader (2016-2017)

SXTH2: Transfer Year Experience DLs

  • Katie Watson

    Katie Watson

    Welcome to UCSD! My name is Katie and I will be your discussion leader for Sixth College’s Transfer Year Experience course. I know we are going to have an exciting quarter together, getting to know one another and learning about the all of the wonderful resources we have available for you on campus. This discussion is a space for  creativity and any questions you have about campus or life! My goal this quarter is to provide a safe space where everyone feels comfortable enough to ask the questions that you haven’t been able to ask anyone else. I am here to help you! So go ahead, ask me where the bathrooms are on the second level of Center Hall or the best way to get from Sixth to York to Mandeville. I will do my best to answer everything! Looking forward to meeting y’all soon!
  • Andrew Provisor

    Andrew Provisor

    Hello everyone! My name is Andrew Provisor and I’m a third-year linguistics major and a proud member of Sixth College here at UCSD! I’m originally from Connecticut, but have lived in San Diego for about 15 years and transferred last quarter from Grossmont College. After my two years here, I’ll (hopefully!) be pursuing my PhD in Linguistics. I’m also married, have a job and have the best dog in the whole wide world. 

    On campus I work as a Research Assistant for the grad department, am involved with LINGUA and a subset of the RPG Club. Off campus, I practice martial arts (Bujinkan budotaijutsu!), chi gong, rock climbing, run a weekly D&D group, and a few other nerdier habits. Yes, I’m a gigantic nerd, and proud of it. I’m also only slightly insane!

    Ultimately, all this is what the Transfer Year Experience is all about. After all, if all you want is to pass the classes and get out, why not just take online classes? It’s more than just learning the names of buildings and various departments on campus; those who take TYE do so because they don’t just want a college degree, they want a college experience. It’s my sincere hope that I can show all of you not just all the resources and connections you can take advantage of at UCSD, but how to actually make time for it in a real life: a life that’s messy, stressful, and full of responsibilities outside of school.

    Campus Involvements: Member Linguistics Undergraduate Association (LINGUA), Member RPG Tabletop Club, Undergraduate Research Assistant (Linguistics Department)