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SXTH1: First Year Experience DLs

  • Parth Patel

    Parth Patel

    Hello everyone! My name is Parth Patel and I am a second-year student majoring in computer science here at Sixth College. When I was a first-year student, I took FYE and loved it so much because I learned about the opportunities that UCSD offers and got to meet many new people. This led me to becoming a discussion leader for it! I’m looking forward to helping students make new connections and become aware of the many resources that UCSD offers. Furthermore, I love being involved in many different clubs and organizations here at UCSD. For example, I am heavily involved with an organization here on campus called DeeJays and Vinylphiles Club (or DVC for short), so if you wanted to know more about an amazing music organization or learn how to DJ, I’d be happy to tell you more! A little more about me, my favorite hobby is sports! I enjoy playing, watching, and talking about them, and my favorite ones include football, basketball, and soccer! In addition, I love to watch movies and explore new places!
  • Abigail Baim

    Abigail Baim

    Hi y’all! I’m super excited to meet you all, but first things first, let me introduce myself! My name is Abigail, or Abby, I go by both, and I am a 3rd year CBN (Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience) major with an Education Studies minor in Sixth College! Here are some fun facts about me: 1) San Diego is the tenth place I’ve lived (ask me why in discussion), because of this, this year is the first time I have EVER started at a school for a third year. 2) I have gotten super into climbing in my time at UCSD. 3) I genuinely love people, from moving around so often I have gotten to experience many different individuals from a variety of walks of life and can honestly say that nothing interests me more than learning about others! 

    I hope that this quarter I can learn some things about you! I am excited to share some of the things I know and love about UCSD and to be a resource as you discover your own things about UCSD. I hope that this discussion will help facilitate a beginning to a community for each of you as you walk through your time at UCSD, as it did for me my first year. Remember that UCSD has a lot to offer and because of this there IS a place for you and you DO belong, but it might be challenging to find your place, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t immediately find your niche. 

    I look forward to our adventure this year and hope you will feel as at home at UCSD as I do! 

    Campus Involvements: Sixth College Resident Assistant (2019-2020 and 2020-2021), Member of the Executive Programming Board of v.i.b.e.s. (vacationing in between extreme stress)(2020), Academic Integrity Mentor (2020), FYE DL (2020)

  • Megan Lan Wang

    Megan Lan Wang

    Hello~ My name is Megan, and I can’t wait to meet you! I am currently a 2nd year Psych major, though I’m hoping to get into a Pharmacy program after UCSD. I’m from the Bay Area, specifically San Jose, and graduated from a small high school. Perhaps this is why I felt overwhelmed and alone during my first quarter, which is what motivated me to join FYE/TYE. If you are ever interested in any of the other organizations I am involved with or want to chat, I would love to talk with you about anything. Let me know how I can help; my goal is to make every experience into a learning opportunity or fond memory, and this includes our time together in FYE/TYE. I hope you have an amazing day and many wonderful encounters!

    Campus Involvement: UGIA for Psych Department, UCSD Health volunteer, AIRB undergraduate representative, OSD note taker, EIA conversation leader, Sixth College VPC, Sixth College Ambassador, Student Advocates for Resource Awareness

  • Geraldine Goyenaga

    Geraldine Goyenaga

    Hi everyone! My name is Geraldine Goyenaga, I am a third-year general biology major and in Sixth college. Some of my favorite things include COFFEE, pizza, and shopping! During my free time, I love watching my favorite TV shows. As much of a couch potato that I am, I also enjoy going out to concerts, the movies, exploring new places to eat, hiking scenic trails, and going out to the beach. Over the past couple of years, I have gotten involved with some great organizations on campus such as BSSA and Camp Kesem. I took FYE my first quarter at UCSD and remember discussion helping me feel a lot more comfortable at such a large university which is why I hope those taking the FYE or TYE course also have an easier time transitioning to UCSD, feel more familiar with the campus, and even meet a friend or two!
  • Wendy Lehan You

    Wendy Lehan You

     Hey everyone! What’s up! I’m Lehan You. You can call me Wendy. My story with FYE goes like this: when I was a freshman, I was excited and a little bit scared as well, and that’s why I decided to take FYE! This course is really helpful! I learned a lot about on-campus resources, made a few friends and developed a great relationship with my DL! She was so kind and supportive! I sincerely gained a lot from this course, so I decided to become a DL and give back to the community! 

    I’M a third-year student in Sixth College and I major in Joint Mathematics and Economics. I come from China, so if you are interested in Chinese culture, I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions! I’m also willing to help you guys with other stuff such as learning strategy, career related topics, etc. If you just want to find someone to chat with, I’ll be there as well! 

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions! Have a nice day and don’t forget to be happy!
  • Gem Cerezo

    Gem Cerezo

    Hello and Welcome to UCSD! My name is Gem Cerezo, I am a transfer student working on a Math-Computer Science major and your future discussion leader! A few favorite things that I like to do in my free time is exercise, going to the gym, hanging out with family, programming, and playing video games. However, in UCSD, I plan on investing my time here by teaching you the resources that are available for you to succeed here. I, too, was in your shoes when I first came here. Exploring unknown territory especially with UCSD being such a huge campus, it’s such a challenge to know what resources that are readily available to you that you can use to succeed or help you in your daily life. So I am taking this opportunity as a discussion leader to finally give back to the community by informing you the resources that helped me traverse UCSD. Don’t be afraid to approach me and feel free to ask me anything. This discussion is a safe space for learning and I will do my utmost best to answer any of your questions. I hope that the time we spent together you will have the in and out’s about the university as well as getting to know one another. This will be a great quarter and I am looking forward to meeting everyone of you!

SXTH2: Transfer Year Experience DLs

  • Katie Watson

    Katie Watson

    Welcome to UCSD! My name is Katie and I will be your discussion leader for Sixth College’s Transfer Year Experience course. I know we are going to have an exciting quarter together, getting to know one another and learning about the all of the wonderful resources we have available for you on campus. This discussion is a space for  creativity and any questions you have about campus or life! My goal this quarter is to provide a safe space where everyone feels comfortable enough to ask the questions that you haven’t been able to ask anyone else. I am here to help you! So go ahead, ask me where the bathrooms are on the second level of Center Hall or the best way to get from Sixth to York to Mandeville. I will do my best to answer everything! Looking forward to meeting y’all soon!
  • Andrew Provisor

    Andrew Provisor

    Hello everyone! My name is Andrew Provisor and I’m a third-year linguistics major and a proud member of Sixth College here at UCSD! I’m originally from Connecticut, but have lived in San Diego for about 15 years and transferred last quarter from Grossmont College. After my two years here, I’ll (hopefully!) be pursuing my PhD in Linguistics. I’m also married, have a job and have the best dog in the whole wide world. 

    On campus I work as a Research Assistant for the grad department, am involved with LINGUA and a subset of the RPG Club. Off campus, I practice martial arts (Bujinkan budotaijutsu!), chi gong, rock climbing, run a weekly D&D group, and a few other nerdier habits. Yes, I’m a gigantic nerd, and proud of it. I’m also only slightly insane!

    Ultimately, all this is what the Transfer Year Experience is all about. After all, if all you want is to pass the classes and get out, why not just take online classes? It’s more than just learning the names of buildings and various departments on campus; those who take TYE do so because they don’t just want a college degree, they want a college experience. It’s my sincere hope that I can show all of you not just all the resources and connections you can take advantage of at UCSD, but how to actually make time for it in a real life: a life that’s messy, stressful, and full of responsibilities outside of school.

    Campus Involvements: Member Linguistics Undergraduate Association (LINGUA), Member RPG Tabletop Club, Undergraduate Research Assistant (Linguistics Department)