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Get Involved

UC San Diego has many different ways to connect students to the campus.  Specifically, there are three different ways that we have identified for students to become a part of the campus community.  While the opportunities at UC San Diego are endless, these are just three of the main ways that students can find co-curricular involvement opportunities to enhance and enrich their college experience.  So, get out there and get involved.


"GET" Involved as a Globally Engaged Triton!


Another great way to get involved is to be a part of the Globally Engaged Tritons (GET) Co-Curricular Record Opportunity. 

What is the Globally Engaged Tritons opportunity?

The Globally Engaged Tritons (“GET”) opportunity allows UC San Diego students to earn credit on their Co-Curricular Record for being involved in events on campus that promote the internationalization of our campus. That could mean any events that allow students to highlight their own culture or learn about other cultures, or allow students to demonstrate or develop their leadership skills. 

What is my Co-Curricular Record?

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) highlights student achievements in opportunities beyond the classroom including a brief description and the skills developed on an official record. These are activities officially validated by the University, meaning that your experience in this opportunity will be displayed alongside your academic achievements and have more credibility than un-validated extracurricular activities.

How can I earn CCR credit?

To receive a validation for your participation in the GET CCR opportunity, you must complete 30 hours of approved activities. You may mix and match these opportunities however you choose, as long as you accumulate 30 hours in one academic year. Some of these activities can include:

  • Participating in select intercultural events, such as Passport to Culture (hosted by Outreach)
  • Volunteering at intercultural events at the request of the Outreach Coordinators.
  • Request funding to run your own event that serves the international and out of state students of UC San Diego, or promotes cultural awareness here on campus.
  • Promoting and sharing awareness of programs and events that already exist to serve the above listed communities.

Great! How do I get started?

Email for more information. Once you are a confirmed participant, you will receive more instructions on how to receive communication from the program leads and start working towards your 30 hours!