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Welcome to UC San Diego, New Tritons!

Welcome brand-new Tritons! We feel honored and privileged that you would choose to spend this exciting time in your life with us at UC San Diego. 

The First Year Experience and Transfer Year Experience courses are designed to help you develop connections with faculty, staff, resources, upperclass(wo)men from your college and your college cohort. We believe that building these relationships, becoming familiar with college programs and getting involved on campus will help you to make the most of your undergraduate experience. 


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Learn more about FYE here and let us know how we can help you succeed in your fist year and beyond.



If you are a new Transfer Student and you did not get the opportunity to take your college’s Transfer Year Experience course, you are invited to enroll in “MUIR 2” for the upcoming Winter QTR 2018. “MUIR 2” is open to new Transfer Students across all the six colleges and looks to equip students with best practices and critical skills on how to succeed at a large research university.  Lectures and discussions are designed to connect students to academic and co-curricular resources, programs, and opportunities, on and off campus.  Topics include (but are not limited to): Effective research and study skills, personal well-being, communication skills, research and experiential learning, academic success strategies, etc. In addition to what you will be learning in your course, this is a great way for you to get to know other new transfer students at UCSD.

New transfer students are already pre-authorized to enroll, so all that is needed is to add the course via WebReg at https://act.ucsd.edu/webreg2. We hope to see you in MUIR 2 this upcoming Winter QTR!