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Readmission after Disqualification from UC San Diego

Effective June 2021


A Message from College Academic Advising

Many factors contribute to poor academic performance. It is critical that you examine the issues that are impacting your academic progress and make realistic choices about how to move forward with your education, either at UC San Diego or another institution. Readmission to UC San Diego may not be the best option for every student seeking a bachelor's degree.


Disqualification Process

The College Academic Advising Office reviews your final grades and academic history to determine your academic status. Official academic notices are then posted in the Virtual Advising Center. If you are disqualified, you will receive specific instructions on next steps.

If you have extenuating circumstances that led to your academic difficulties, you may submit a disqualification appeal. The deadline to submit an appeal is approximately one week from the date of your disqualification notice.

If you don’t appeal, or if your appeal is denied, you will be dropped from classes in the upcoming term (including summer session), you will not be able to enroll at UC San Diego, and your disqualification will be noted on your academic record until you are approved to return.


Readmission Process

Disqualified students are eligible to apply for readmission after taking one academic year away from UC San Diego. Please note: readmission after disqualification is available once per year for Fall Quarter only.

  • To apply for readmission, you will be required to complete a Readmission Proposal between April 1 and July 15. If you miss the July 15 deadline, you will need to wait another year to submit a proposal.
  • When the college approves your proposal, you will be eligible to apply for readmission to the university during the application filing period for Fall Quarter.

During the readmitted Fall Quarter, you will be expected to earn a term GPA of at least 2.0 or return to good standing.  If you do not meet these criteria, you will be disqualified again (with no option to appeal) and eligible to apply for readmission again the following Fall Quarter.


Academic Progress While Away

We encourage you to complete outside coursework during your time away from the University. You may contact your College Academic Advising Office to create an academic plan. International students should also contact the International Students and Programs Office for questions or concerns regarding visa issues.