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FYE Courses

For Freshmen


For Transfer Students

Your First Year Experience (FYE) or Transfer Year Experience (TYE) course is designed to help you make a successful transition to UC San Diego, both academically and personally. Our team of faculty, Discussion Leaders, graduate mentors, and staff believe in a holistic approach to fostering student development. We hope to present a number of resources (e.g. TRELS) and success strategies (e.g. professional email etiquette) that will support a happy and productive UC San Diego and College experience. 

Expect this to be an exciting and challenging course. Participation in a 2-unit course is the equivalent to 2 hours of classroom time weekly (lecture, discussion section) and 4 hours of outside preparation weekly (reading, thinking, investigating, reflecting, projects). Expect this course to challenge you in ways different from traditional academic environments (e.g. challenging yourself to initiate conversations with faculty).

How to enroll in a FYE or TYE course

Students can enroll during their academic enrollment appointment. Preauthorization is not required.

  • Log onto Web Reg (
  • Select an FYE (freshmen) or TYE (transfer) Course
  • In Fall 2021, four of the undergraduate colleges will host FYE and/or TYE courses:

    • Revelle College: FYE (REV 1) and TYE (REV 2)
    • Thurgood Marshall College: TYE (TMC 2)
    • Eleanor Roosevelt College: FYE (ERC 1) and TYE (ERC 2)
    • Sixth College: FYE (SXTH 1)

    You can be a student in any of the seven undergraduate colleges to apply - just select your college of choice!

Questions: Contact Academic Advising via the Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

Learn about the benefits of enrolling in a FYE course here.