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FYE Courses

Expect this to be an exciting and challenging course. Participation in a 2-unit course is the equivalent to 2 hours of classroom time weekly (lecture, discussion section) and 4 hours of outside preparation weekly (reading, thinking, investigating, reflecting, projects). Expect this course to challenge you in ways different from traditional academic environments (e.g. seeking out a faculty mentor, exploring career opportunities within your major).

Your First Year Experience (FYE) or Transfer Year Experience (TYE) course is designed to help you make a successful transition to UC San Diego, both academically and personally. Our team of faculty, staff, and Discussion Leaders believe in a holistic approach to fostering student development. We hope to present a number of resources (e.g. TRELS) and success strategies (e.g. proactive time management, successful goal setting) that will support a happy and productive UC San Diego and college experience. 

How to enroll in a FYE or TYE course

 For Fall 2023 students can enroll during their academic enrollment appointment. 

  • Log onto Web Reg (login required)
  • Select a FYE (first year) or TYE (transfer) Course

In Fall 2023, four of the undergraduate colleges will host FYE and/or TYE courses: 

  • Revelle College: FYE (REV 1) and TYE (REV 2)
  • Thurgood Marshall College: FYE (TMC 1) and TYE (TMC 2)
  • Eleanor Roosevelt College: FYE (ERC 1) and TYE (ERC 2)
  • Sixth College: FYE (SXTH 1)

For First-Year Students

For Transfer Students