Welcome to UC San Diego, New Tritons!

Welcome brand-new Tritons! We feel honored and privileged that you would choose to spend this exciting time in your life with us at UC San Diego. 

First Year Experience and Transfer Year Experience courses are designed to help you develop connections with faculty, staff, resources, upperclass(wo)men from your college and your college cohort. We believe that building these relationships, becoming familiar with college programs and getting involved on campus will help you to make the most of your undergraduate experience. 

*NOTE: FYE and TYE lectures will be held virtually this year in response to COVID-19. Discussion sections will also be held virtually with the exception of TMC 2 (Transfer Year Experience). TMC 2 will offer a virtual lecture with in-person discussion sections.

Some Colleges will not offer FYE or TYE courses in Fall 2020. In the case of Colleges that won't be offering their own FYE or TYE course, new students will be pre-authorized to take a FYE or TYE of their choice. For example, a new Muir College freshmen will be pre-authorized to take REV 1, SEV 1, SXTH 1 or TMC 1.

In Fall 2020, the following courses will be offered: REV 1 (FYE), REV 2 (TYE), SEV 1 (FYE), SXTH 1 (FYE), TMC 1 (FYE), TMC 2 (TYE), WARR 2 (TYE)

Questions or concerns? Email us at fye@ucsd.edu


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