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Resources for Teaching FYE/TYE

National First Year Experience Programs & Resources

"High Impact Educational Practices" by Dr. George Kuh: This excerpt lists a brief overview of several high-impact practices (including First Year Experience) and maps them across essential college learning outcomes. It also presents data on the impact of HIPs on student achievement, as well as the participation rates of students in the various high-impact practices, disaggregated by institution characteristics as well as student characteristics.

National Resource Center for the FIrst-Year Experience and Students in Transition: The National Resource Center serves as the trusted expert, internationally recognized leader, and clearinghouse for scholarship, policy, and best practice for all postsecondary student transitions. The following statements of mission and core commitments provide a foundation for these activities and guide the Center's efforts.

Presentations from Ohio State University's 'Focusing on the First Year' FYE Conference (January 2015): Focusing on the First Year Conference brings together faculty and staff from across the Columbus and regional campuses to focus on the university's efforts to support the success of first-year students. The most important foundations for college success, and ultimately graduation, are built during the first year.

UC Santa Barbara University Success Course: The early drafts of our First Year Experience program was modeled after the one at UC Santa Barbara. The textbook we used our first year was authored by former UC Santa Barbara Assistant Dean of Students, Dr. Britt Andreatta.

University of South Carolina's 'University 101 Programs': The "original" FYE course. In its 42nd year, University 101 Programs is an academic unit that fosters student success, development, and transitions into, through, and out of the University of South Carolina. Through our four academic courses (UNIV 101, 201, 290, and 401), students at all levels of University study engage in deep learning and exploration of focused topics in seminar settings.

What Matters to Student Success: The Promise of High-Impact Practices: PDF of a presentation made by Dr. George Kuh at Saint Louis UNiversity in May 2012.

Understanding UC San Diego's Student Population

The UC San Diego Office of Student Research & Information conducts research and publishes annual reports on UC San Diego students. Below are some that are relevant to our program.

Student Surveys

  • The Freshmen Survey (CIRP): The CIRP Freshmen Survey collects important information on what our incoming students are like before they experience college. CIRP is administered to all students through orientation at all six colleges.
  • Your First College Year (YFCY): Results from the Your First College Year Survey (YFCY) offer a window into the first-year experience, providing important information on UCSD students’ adjustment to college, academic outcomes and experiences, co-curricular experiences, satisfaction, and overall growth.
  • UC Undergraduate Experiences Survey (UCUES): UCUES solicits student opinions on a broad range of undergraduate students' academic and co-curricular experiences, including instruction, advising and student services

Publications and Reports

  • Undergraduate Student Profile: The annual UC San Diego Student Profile provides prospective students and their families with basic information about the campus, including enrollment statistics, graduation rates, and data regarding costs and financial aid, fields of study, housing, and other student services.

Campus Collaborators and Advisors

We've a greatly appreciative of the support and collaboration of several people across several units on campus who have helped make our pilot year of FYE successful. Below are members of the UC San Diego community who have either worked closely with us in developing the 2014-15 pilot year of FYE and/or have offered their time to collaborate and support FYE as needed in the future in the capacity of advising on lesson plans and content, training development, workshop development, programming, and/or guest lecturing.

If you'd like to join this list, please email us at